How can I put a space between a button

How can I add a blank space between CHANGE PRICE and ADD DRINK ROUND?
The add drink round doesnt appear unless an order item is selected, and they get in a hurry and make mistakes when seperatiing tickets, so I would like for the ADD DRINK ROUND button to be a lot lower to seperate it from the rest. I have no idea on how to do that and call myself loooking.
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 9.33.46 AM

I don’t think you have any options to put blank spaces in the tickets automation command area. The most obvious/simple thing to do is to create dummy automation command buttons and put them between the two commands.

This is done by Automation -> Automation Commands -> Add Automation Command

Just put a space in the Header and make sure its mapped to ticket. You also need to sort it and make sure its in between the two commands.



That worked. Thanks.

Out of curiosity - How did You add the symbols to your button headers?

You can reference an image in the button header by using image location


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Gotcha! It looked as though they were windings or some sort of other character/symbol. Thank you!

Noted! Thank you Vega!

Not sure there is really an issue with using images. Images are use often in the ticket screen especially in menu and items. Symbols are fine to, but using images isn’t necesarily a bad idea. IMO

While not necessary it allows you to not be limited to symbols. I didn’t make them, its from an icon pack.

I haven’t any quality difference between difference systems with different resolutions.

Not sure if you mean database or versions. The images have nothing to do with the database. If you’re referring to version upgrades and you don’t want to deal with restoring them after upgrade you can store them in a different folder. I make a copy of the folder prior to upgrades and restore it after.

I’ll give you that one. Either way using custom images in your setup isn’t a bad idea. Its all preference.

Sorry Joseph but Vega is banned from the forum as well as his other 3 accounts he keeps making.

As far as the icons are concerned… the segoeui are nice but limited. Downloading a nice icon pack can improve the looks of your system significantly. Great job Joseph recommending that. There is nothing wrong with using them. In fact many of our resellers that use them have made some very impressive looking systems.

Thanks gentlemen! I ended up using symbols vs images as they were readily available and for my needs worked well. If I were doing anything more extensive I would definitely go with images.

I’m assuming you cannot add images to ticket commands attached to entities? (Select Customer, ect)

Thanks as always!

I believe thats the case. They appear to be a result of the entity types assigned to the ticket type. If you were to create a new entity type and assign it to your ticket type you’ll see the change command button.

It appears these buttons are dynamically created and I didn’t see any template options for them. There is also no reference to them in the automation command table in the DB, which makes sense because they’re automatically rendered.

you can however fully recreate those entity buttons using automation instead of the default setup which will then allow you to customise the button colours,font etc

This works really well for us, thank you!