How can i see which SQL type i installed

Hey guys,

I am trying to add a terminal to my sambapos and after looking up how to connect them i realise you have to of selected sql express to use this feature. i only found this out now, anyway there is a chance i might of installed using the sql express but i dont know where to look to find out which one i selected in setup,

can anyone give me a tip on where to look?

Also if i have chose the wrong database type , can i reinstall using the correct version for adding handhelds terminals and save redoing the whole menu by using the database back up feature… i suspect not considering it will be two different database types, i really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this,

Take samba out of full screen by logging in as admin and double clicking the logo in top left.
The titlebar of the window shows samba version and db type, it will be at the end.
You would know if you installed SQL Express, its not part of the samba install and is a 1.6GB download so you would probably remember.
Samba does have option of LocalDB which is a local single user SQL ‘lite’ version.
For multiple terminals you need full SQL Express (free version is fine).

Kendash has good tutorial for instal and setup of SQL Express;

The ‘bonus’ for converting from CE to SQL is only needed if you were running Campact Edition, which will show as CE in the title bar.
If you wre using LocalDB you just need to backup and restore after switching to SQL Express

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