How can i set up as two Change due in the payment process

Hello all!@emre
Here, When i got payment from customer, I want it to show message as two method of change due:
1: Change USD: $ ##.00
2: Change RIEL: ៛​##.00
who know how to solve this please help.

You can try setting up Change Payment Types to achieve this.

There is a huge related discussion here :slight_smile:

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As Emre said, take a look at the long topic on foreign currencies, it works really well now!

Just to note, you probably DON’T want a message offering two different types of change, because you won’t know which type of currency the operator actually gave tot he customer.

If you set-up multiple currencies correctly then when change is due the operator will be presenter with two buttons, and depending on which button they press the correct change will be recording correctly in the accounts.

A nice feature of the way that change is handled is that you can give change in two currencies. For example if might be best to give 5 USD and 200 RIEL change. With the mutliple currencies set-up correct it is possible to do this easily.


Fantastic support now, it working.

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