How can i settle multiple tickets by driver

Hi, we do deliveries and the driver collects the money from the customer. We then collect the total amount from the driver at the end of the day.
I have added a driver entity to the ticket.
My Question is, is there a way to settle all the tickets with a certain driver at the end of his/her shift?

Anyone know if this is possible?

Try this setup, would it help?

Custom Package Delivery won’t let you settle all the tickets in one action, which is what @yousufjam yousufjam is looking to do. But still it is a good way for management of deliveries, so could use that as a starting point then add additional functionality to be able to settle all tickets for a driver at once.

I would suggest to check forum for fast cash / fast payment tutorials, and replicate something similar to cycle through all the driver’s tickets to mark them as paid. I’m a bit busy right now so can’t investigate it more but I think this should give you a direction to look at. Hope it helps! :smile:


If it helps, I just use Ticket Tags to mark the drivers. When they come back I can view all the tickets on hold for delivery, and then merge them for each driver to get the exact amont

Thanks guys! I was starting to think along the lines of creating driver accounts etc. but I think merging the tickets will work well.
just a quick question, how do you create that delivery screen?

Don’t worry, I found the tutorial for custom delivery. Thanks guys

Please can you show me the tutorial you found for custom delivery. thank you in advance

The tutorial is linked 4-5 posts up!!!