How can i track dynamic weighed quantity going out on each sale

Is there a way to dynamically pick the quantity sold of a weighed item in inventory so that we can reduce inventory by the weight value? The recipe requires me to know the weight of an item in advance, but this client has a y Kgs of x items, which he has to weigh when selling. The system only knows the amount of the item x going out at the point of sale. Can I then grab the quantity out at this time and inform inventory of how much of item x has gone out on each sale?

Would recipe not be reliving to unit setup?
If weight unit is Kg, qty x1 is 1 kg so recipe for 1 unit is for 1kg.
Weight 1.5 would be 1.5qty so 1.5 recipe?
Never delved much into scale use but how I imagine it works.

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You need to setup recipe for smallest unit of measure. It will deduct weight just fine.

Example you weigh 5kg of product X. You type the weight of product X and select it and it will add that weight of the product to ticket and deduct that inventory.

Or you can also integrate a scale directly to SambaPOS and when you place item on scale it will enter weight.

Thanks, I can see it is subtracting my inventory accordingly. But something strange is happening when I set the price per kg. I am not sure if this is the correct way to set the price per Kg, but when I sell a quantity below 10, all is going fine, and when I sell above 10, the quantity calculation in my ticket is wrong.

Price per Kg

Quantity below 10

Quantity above 10 eg 12.5kg @55 per Kg we expect 12.5*55 = 687.5

Even under inventory, instead of reducing inventory by 12.5 kg, it will reduce by 0.75 kg.
Am I setting the price per kg wrong?
I am testing with SambaPOS version 5.2.24, just in case that is the reason, I will try to upgrade and test again.

The way you configure it is wrong. You configured it so single unit is 55. So it’s doing 4.5x55

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You are right, I seem to have conflicting ideas. I was actually complicating things. It’s now working just fine. Thanks a lot.