How can I use samba pos client's license to develop their database on my computer?

I’m having too many Activation Warnings on my PC while modifying the clients database. The same database is already activated on the clients SambaPOS Server.

Can I use the same license to modify their DB on my PC?

No, you either need to out up with it or buy own licence.
To reactivate licence you would need to clear key from their DB which would mean activation warnings on live system.
Not sure how you mean to many warnings, I work a several DB and doesnt interfere with my development. I have dev licence but don’t bother using on anything other than by demo machine as more hassle than just clicking and clearing the message.

This is most likely because you are using an old version of SambaPOS. If you update to v5.2.24 then these warnings will likely not show. If you are using SambaPOS in trial mode and your version is older than 3 months, you will get these activation warnings showing.

We work with many client databases on our dev systems and never need to use a license, it’s always trial mode. We never have any problems with the activation popups, unless the SambaPOS version we use is older than 3 months.

Also, typically your dev system is going to have a 1080p or higher display resolution, so the other option is you can use SambaPOS in windowed mode (i.e. double click SambaPOS logo after login and it will change from full screen to a window), then you can just make the window not take up the full screen. When the popups appear, they can go up the side of your screen and won’t obstruct the SambaPOS window.

I am on 5.22

Its probably because I got the most recent DB with transactions. SambaPOS thinks I’m in production

Thanks. I’ll stick to this

So you mean either 5.2.2 (over a year old) or 5.2.22 (about 5 months old). Please upgrade to 5.2.24 I think you will find the activation warnings disappear.

Also, yes if you have over 500 transactions you may get warnings as well, but if its for testing, you can get around this by clearing all transactions - use the default built in “Clear Database Transactions” database task you can access from Manage - Settings > Database Tools > Database Tasks.

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Thanks @markjw

This should do it

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