How can make 2 tickets orders send in one ticket to kitchen?

Forgot to paste link;


Like I said if using status state be very carefull and test well, the linked method is not a novice method…
Preferably you would create a separate state flow and use that for prints.

It is for a switch user without a table but core principles are the same.
If using on entities you would want to probably add a HOLD entity state so that tickets on hold are a different colour to make clear as obviously they will have orders which havn’t been sent to kitchen yet.

I like the feature of remibing the user who held the ticket that they left it on hold too to help prevent forgetting it.

thanks u very much for ur reply JTRTech i know u can hold on the ticket . but it s possible 2 tables or in table 1 add more ticket then print in 1 ticket ? .

Yes… That’s the whole point, otherwise why bother holding…

yes that s right when holding ticket u can not add the ticket it s not active. it s possible after u hold the ticket active add ticket ?