How convert PDF (XPS Reports) to Excel?

Hello my Friends

I convert the XPS REPORT files online in PDF, easy, following ur link here on the forum, THANKS…

BUT when I try copy or open them in Excel, or any other windows program (notepad, etc) I only have “funny number and signs”.

Even If I use the Table Selection Tool from Acrobat Pro

Anyway If I use Unicode or HTM or Text… or use the import function of Excel

Or save Table from Acrobat to CSV…always same result! :confused:

Any idea? or Tool how to convert the XPS/PDF to real numbers?

Cheers, Factory47

Here you can find a discussion about exporting reports to excel.

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OK, I see , thanks Emre

@emre this post is about XM L and CSV… and not how convert PDF Report files into Excel.

CVS is simple to import, but when I want pass our XPS Reports -> PDF…I have problems copy or open then in Excel, anyone did already?

You use data export to create an excel report there is no need to convert. You are on version 5 right?

To directly answer your question you may want to refer to Microsoft forum or look up on google for tools to convert xps documents.

The alternative is to use Data Exports feature and not create xps documents at all just export directly to Excel like @emre suggested.

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Right, I am using version 5, but my abilities creating the correct syntax for the data export reports are very limited, so I use the “normal” report instead, where I created series of for me important report template already… now I want to pass the numbers outside in a spreadsheet for statistic analysis.

Of cause I tried already the Microsoft Forum/Internet to find a tool passing XPS directly to Excel, dint find anything, the only convert tool they offer is XPS to PDF. And there I got stucked with the problem of the cryptic letters/numbers format, mentioned above.

I will try harder to find a tool…:grin:
Or if anyone has a link already??

Thank you

I found a good program (Able2Extract

Topic closed!

THX! :wink: