How did I do this? Tagging Mistake

Hello All,

Not sure how I did this. Cannot figure out how to undo it. The gray box on the left above the green slush button.
Thanks so much for any feedback.
Paula Brown

You made a sub menu. Look at menu category and check under sub menu column

thank you very much!

Sub Menu’s are great if you want more control over selections. Like Breakfast/Omelets/Western,Cowboy,etc

You would make menu category Breakfast add Product Western Omelet put it under Submenu Omelets. Add Product Cowboy Define Submenu Omelets and so on.

You end up with Menu Breakfast… when pressed it would show all of your submenu’s when you press submenu Omelets for example it would bring up Western, Cowboy, etc and when you click on those finally order tags are shown.

Just looking at your menu… you could combine Floats, Sundaes, Shakes, Soft Serve into ONE menu category called Dairy or Ice Cream… and make those Submenu’s instead of actual menu’s

So the flow would be for your menu… instead of looking for Shakes, Floats, Sundaes… cashier would simply look for Desserts or Ice Cream or Dairy whichever you chose… then Shakes, Floats, Sundaes would show up under that… equals less clutter on screen.

You might be able to reduce your menu size so you dont have to use 2 columns using sub menu’s

I will do a tutorial for you in a few minutes… its something ive been meaning to demonstrate as I see a lot of people that could benefit from it.

Ok here is a quick tutorial maybe you can benefit from it.

First lets set up a basic Sub Menu system using my Dairy Bar Menu as an example.

And how it works:

Optional Configuration:

Or we can add a smaller Numberpad at top for selecting QTY: