How do I configure Samba to use two cash drawers?

Good day, I have a client with 3 Terminals on the floor in his Bar/Restaurant. Each Terminal is connected to an Epson printer which has two cash drawers directly connected to the printer via RJ11. There are 6 Waiters, 2 Waiters work per Terminal. How do I configure/setup Samba that Waiter 1 can only open cash drawer 1 and Waiter 2 only cash drawer 2 via their User/Code? Option: The Waiter should also be able to select their cash drawer 1/2 on first login. TIA!

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?

You would need to look at the Epson documentation to see if there is separate kick codes for each port and then hold the print automation and map it only to that user. Building automation to select which drawer on login would be a bit complicated but doable for a reseller that is experienced. My advice is to ask in the ads category and see if a reseller is willing to help you.

Hi Jesse, The client used 4POS as their previous system where it was already setup to open two cash drawers. On the Printers RJ11 poet I have a splitter that splits the cash drawers. But I sold them the SambaPOS and maintaining it for them. Every thing works well except the option for cash drawer 2. Please see image.

4POS Back Office2

For Epson the third number in the kick string specifies the drawer:

  • 27,112,0,50,250 for drawer 1
  • 27,112,1,50,250 for drawer 2

The above kick codes are just examples and might not work with your setup - you’ll have to consult the printer docs to be sure.

The drawer(s) also need to support this feature - usually configured by DIP switch.

I’m not quite sure how I’d approach mapping users to the drawers. Perhaps have a custom role and each user will only use their specified drawer. But I can see issue where two people that usually don’t work together that use drawer 1 are on shift at the same time.

Having a drawer selected on login would not only be tedious, but could lead to a user being able to access the other drawer.

I think one could build automation to assign a user to a drawer when the employee receives his or her bank - it would be up to the manager or lead server to make sure each user is assigned to the proper drawer. I’m thinking a program setting with username as the key with the drawer as its value, though this could lead to issues later if one forgets to assign the user to the drawer for the day. So maybe a setting for the drawer with the value being the user. But what about multiple users on one drawer?

So, yeah, I dunno.

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Hi Memo, thank you. Like I said the setup is done and working on the old system, but I will play a bit with some settings & automation in Samba and see if I can get it working. II hope there is someone out there that has a setup like this that can assist.

This is certainly possible however it would not be simple nor easy. Someone that can do it would probably want some kind of compensation as its typically a feature most resellers would charge clients to build for them. There may be someone here that might offer free advice but it would be faster for you to offer to pay a reseller to build it in my opinion.

i saw on yo other post that you are based in namibia, i will inbox you the number of the guy who did a similar setup