How do i display the Wastage button on the POS Screen

I am trying to implement what i have read from this tutorial but i think i am missing something

Thank for your explanation.I have tried this
''This setup will show you how to deduct wastage/damage stock at the end of the day, it will reduce it from your inventory and log the total cost in a wastage account that you can use in reporting. This is my flow: Add the first item to the ticket [image] Select the order you have just added and press the wastage button to enter the wastage set up [image] You are now in the wastage set up, anymore items you add will be logged as wastage and removed from your inventory [image] Pr… ''But when you enter wastage setup,it add one more then logs out of wastage setup ,then when you add an order ,press wastage then process wastage it adds to wastage account any more order added doesn’t add to wastage account.Please help

Need to see your actions and rules for your wastage setup as it sounds like you’ve not quite set it up correctly or you may have other rules that interfere with the wastage flow

It’s setup using a separate state flow so what should happen is when you “enter wastage” mode the ticket state updates to wastage

You should then have a new order added rule that checks of the ticket state it set to wastage, if it is then all new orders get added with an order state of wastage which is what keeps each item added as wastage

You may need to constraint the default order added rule to only fire if ticket state does not equal wastage

It sounds like the default new order added rule is kicking in when you add you second item to the ticket, until you add the above constraint to the new order added rule it will always add the next item as a “normal item” without the wastage state it needs

I’ll try and check my setup this afternoon and show you what I mean

so this is the default order added rule (ignore all the other constraints theyre specifically for my setup, just focus on the highlighted wastage one)

By adding that constraint will stop the second item you add to your wastage ticket resetting it a “sale” so long as that ticket state constraint exactly matches the constraint in the wastage order added rule as shown below (again specific to my setup so depends on what you have called the states)

Ive also updated my wastage flow now so that the price that is “wasted” off is the cost price of the product and not the sale price by creating a second price list for wastage and assigning that price to the product when added to ticket and the ticket state is that of wastage (wastage to settle in my case as ive set it up to add orders throughout the day and the wastage ticket is only “settled” once at the end of each day prior to cashing up)

so from my main screen, press options menu

This enter my manager screen as below

Non management roles will only see limited options available as shown below

if non management then press the manager menu button it will as for a PIN to access the full menu

manager menu activated

from here press wastage to enter wastage mode

add items to waste and press submit wastage (youll notice the cost price tag next to the price as this uses the cost price price definition)

submit wastage and in my case the system auto logs out

log back in and to add more wastage go back into options menu/managee menu and select wastage button again, this will open the current wastage ticket to allow more items to be added and submitted

To “post” the wastage ticket either go back into manager menu and click “post wastage”

or go to the “all open orders” screen to see all open tickets and click post end of day wastage

if you try and cash up and close the daily shift/workperiod ive setup Q’s open ticket warning so WP cannot be closed as shown below i have 3 tickets open

i have 3 wastage tickets to post (this would only ever be 1 wastage ticket but i had a issue with automation that created a new ticket instead of adding to existing which ive now fixed)

Wastage posted

return to cash up screen to continue cashing up and closing the WP

finally click to close POS and print Z Read

Confirm any till difference

system auto backups and logs out ready to log in and start a new WP/Shift