How do I get only a certain Order State value in Reports?

I only want to see “Gift Nora” in the Application Subtitle. How should I format the report tag?

Right now, it’s {REPORT ORDER STATES}, but that shows all States.

I’ve tried
but they don’t show anything

If using Report order details you need to define a field.
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Total:(OS.Status=Gift)} would filter Total field from orders that have a state Gift of Status.

You can see more of how to use report tags in reports section.

Thanks for the reply Jesse.

Looking at the docs, I figured that
will show me the total count of Gifted orders, but how do I reduce it down to a certain Gift Reason?

I’ve tried

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OS=Gift.Nora)}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OS=Gift:Nora)}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OS=Gift Nora)}

Not at pc but of top of my head try OSV.

I tried

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OSV=Gift:Nora)}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OSV=Gift.Nora)}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OSV=Gift Nora)}

as well.

That is a Command Value… Are you storing that command value in the state somewhere? If not you would need too.

There is another way to reference that if you are using the latest version of sambapos. We now record ACM Users and Values.

Here is an example of how it is used. You may have access to it with REPORT ORDER DETAILS but I know for a fact Ticket details works.


When you press Nora where in the state is it storing that? It looks like you are not storing that in the state.

Technically it would be (OSV.GStatus=Nora) If you are using default gift state.

Oh, I was under the assumption the value “Nora” was being stored as an Order State Value.

It’s being stored under the default Gift ACM Button.

This still returns empty.
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OSV.GStatus=Nora)}

What is the actual state? Default its GStatus

The Order State is Gift:Nora

Ok sorry I asked wrong… what is your State Name. Gift:Nora is State and State Value
But you need to know State Name too

Is it default like:


I’m think it’s GStatus, but let me check.


Did you try:

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OSV.GStatus=Gift:Nora)}

Doesn’t work either :sob: