How do I make a new custom product that is not on the menu (miscellaneous)

While i’m taking an order, sometimes the customer wants something that is not on the menu. can i create a button to add one off miscellaneous products with custom price from the ticket screen.

You can use Free Tagging for this. Just make a product category called Custom or something along those lines and use Free Tagging order Tag.

thanks, how exactly do i do this?

Create a product call it Custom Request or whatever you want to name it. Add a default portion with price 0.

Create a menu category and add the Custom Request product to your menu…

Go to Tickets/Order Tags create an Order Tag group and check the box for Free Tagging call the group Custom Food Request

Now it would be hard to track inventory for something like this unless you narrowed down the possible choices to specific items as ingredients and could include those as Order Tags for Custom Product.

There are several approaches to accomplish this… This is just one idea to get you started. You should probably play around with it and try a setup that suits your needs.

Free Tagging lets you type out your own description and Price for an order tag. Its best used to modify a pre existing item on a menu but if used like I just showed you can use it to define a completely custom menu item.

PS: Set the add tag price to order option.


Look at my tutorial