How do I put a ticket note on the paper?

Hello, I wanted to use this feature:
to put a note on my customers receipt for the chef’s reference. Can someone please teach me how to put this on my format?
Ex: Maybe I wanted to say: Pickup at 6:30 No Salt
Thanks in advance

By default there should be a Ticket Note button, just press that and that keyboard will appear

If you have removed or deleted the ticket note button you will need to create it again or if you go into i think local settings, somewherr there is a rebuild default buttons and that will put the button back

You then need to add the ticket tag for the note in your printer template, i think it is just {NOTE} but im away from pc so cant double check

I assume your using V4?

Yes but I tried {NOTE} but it just showed up as NOTE on my receipt when I put it in
And yes I’m using sambas pos 4
I want the note on the receipt too

Show your template. It should look something like this:

[<L00>NOTE: {NOTE}]

The square brackets enclosing it will optionally print the Ticket Note if it is not blank, and print nothing when it is blank.

Alright I’ll try that today when I get home and let you guys know, thanks for the help everyone