How do I report all users for Admin

Sounds like an automation/button mapping issue to me…
When you say you cant leave the ticket once open, how so?
Close Button doesnt respond? (Can you add order/other buttons work?)
Close Button Grayed out = mapping issue for enable
Close button not there = mapping issue for visable

Close button is there and responds when I push it but nothing happens.
I can add orders just fine.
When I push Settle button it takes me to the cash out screen but when I close it, it just bounces me right back into the ticket.

Gotta be a change made in the 5.1.56 update… Everything worked fine before that.

Did you managed to upload your backup? PM me the link if you did.

@Emre he sent it to me and I been so busy I forgot to look at it. I invited you to it.

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@Chipwagon you incorrectly defined account types for Entity Types as “Sales Accounts”. You should clear them.

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Thanks that fixed it!!