How do i setup Staff Discount on swipe card/nfc card and adding staff

i have try the all the step from Rick's Tutorial 6 - Staff Discount (can also duplicate for customer entity too) and it didnt work on sambapos5

i want to setup staff discount using swipe card/nfc card.

Didn’t work is not particularly helpful, where does the issue arise?

i have try to set it up and it didnt work when i put the food order through and using nfc card. i have use the step from ricks

The tutorial works. You either missed something or your card reader is not working or something else. We have no idea what went wrong unless you supply more information for us to work with.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you help us with your issue. Just saying it doesn’t work will not help us understand your problem. Its like your hiding behind a wall holding a red flower and then yelling to us on the other side of the wall saying “My flower is the wrong color can you help me figure out what color it is?” We have not learned how to see through walls yet.

i have follow the step that ricks supply me it.

OK, what are you showing there? A staff entity names staff with an account type of Customer Accounts and account template of [Employee Number]…Still doesn’t tell us much…

When you swipe NFC do numbers show in the numberpad on right above keyboard?

Before you just upload screenshots of all your settings maybe it would be better to describe what works and what doesn’t;

When you swipe NFC do numbers show in the numberpad on right above keyboard?

If it does in the Staff Entity selected for the ticket?

to be honest i have enter correctly but nothing happen

my sambapos running restaurant till

Your not answering the questions;

you may aswell see my setting using teamviewer

This is not the usual practice as doesn’t help other on the forum.

when i swipe the staff nfc on the numberpad nothing happen

Have you configured a rule based on numberpad entered?

You entered new orders state as a constraint but ticket state is new (not new orders) on your screen shot

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nope i haven’t but i did follow the instruction how to setup some reason it’s didn’t work. i don’t know if i did it wrong