How do i tailor SambaIn to my setup?


I was skeptical about the GloriaFood Integration before I bought it because all POS setups are different from person to person. It’s hard to make a single program to work for hundreds of users.

Is it possible to tailor SambaIn?

I want SambaIn to:

  • only put the Customer’s phone number as the Primary Field of the Entity. (It seems to cram all of the customer’s data into the Primary Field)
  • Not to include the +1 for the Phone Number
  • Use the existing Entity Field for “First Name” and not “FirstName”
  • Defining Ticket States for Pickup orders and Delivery Orders
  • Defining Ticket States for Cash Deliveries.
  • Use Ticket Tag for printing Customer’s Address.
  • Use Ticket Tag for Tips, not Ticket Calculation

Questions about SambaIn

  • Can SambaIn be run as a Windows Service, so that it works even when Windows is logged off?

Is any of this possible, or is it better to use GraphiQL?


SambaIN cannot run as a Servive.
And it also use graphql commands for communicating with SambaPOS
Other issues: I will check and return to you.


What I meant was that is it better to use the Integration Guide that Emre made because you can change every detail of the integration and it runs as a Windows service.


Thank you very much.


You can use the guide Emre wrote but it was bare bones. Any other features like promotions etc will need to be added by you. I am working with @VehbiEmiroglu go mature their app and it’s just about to the state it supports every feature out of box.

Emre version used the direct create ticket gql but the Samhain uses the terminal function meaning it will trigger rules etc


I thought that you could register a session as a terminal, so it could trigger rules.


You can but the guide Emre did does not do that. You would need to rewrite it. Basically the guide would be useless because you would have to redo all of it to use different GQL. It may give you a start though. I wouldn’t attempt it unless your fluent in that.