How do I use product group in print jobs


I want to print orders to one of five printers in bar and kitchen areas depending on the product chosen, so I have created a Product Tag ‘Where Printed’ and added it to each product accordingly. In the Print Jobs mapping there is a Product Tag selector but this requires a customised entry rater than simply selecting from a drop down box. I have tried numerous combinations but have been unable to get anything to work. Tried so far include
{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}=Bar 1
{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}=‘Bar 1’
{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}==‘Bar 1’
‘{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}’==‘Bar 1’
[’{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}’==‘Bar 1’]
‘[{ITEM TAG:Where Printed}]’==‘Bar 1’

and others.

I previously had it working by mapping product group and or product, so I am fairly confident the rest of the setup is correct and if I add {ITEM TAG:Where Printed} to a printer tablet it prints Bar 1 so I am happy that bit is right, I just can’t seem to get what I should be adding to the Product Tag setting in the print job to print those items tagged with Bar 1. Can anybody offer any assistance?


Pretty sure it would just be
Where Printed=Bar 1

My preference for printing like this personally is states.
Leaving mapping as all and using a product tag for each printer I enter Y or any arbitory value in the tag. Then on order added these are set to order states of say Bar Print=Print which print job actions then use instead of the new/submitted states and then update to printed giving finite control and allowing multiple printers for an order is required. Your was will work so long as only ever printed to one printer for each product


Well that seems to work. That was actually the first thing I tried although I had more space (Where Printed = Bar 1) so maybe it didn’t like it.

Your method is interesting. The main reason I went for the tag was to force the operator to enter a printer when the product is first added to the list and make checking/fault finding relatively straightforward, but I guess your way solves this as well. I will give it some thought and decide what to go with.

Thanks for your help anyway.