How do you get rid open bar tab? and ticket view there no writing!

how do you get rid of the open bar tab from the other department and also i have problem on the tickets it wont show the ticket it all blank until i click on the row and it show the item.

Can you elaborate? What’s blank?
Ticket list by default shows today’s open tickets, if it’s a previous days ticket that’s open you need to adjust the date range to include previous days.

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Thats the correct behaviour of the ticket list, all tickets shown in the list are “collapsed” until you click the one you want. This then expands that tickets details and displays a button which when pressed opens the ticket on screen

In regards to the open bar tab this is not a default setup and is part of a customisation you have made so we would need to see screeen shots of your issue

But simply if the bar tab is open an needs closing then either the ticket needs paying or you need to remove all orders from the ticket or void them to close the ticket. If you cannot do this then you have changed part of the default setup and broke a configuration.

To be able to help we need to see screenshots of the problem so we can help solve it for you

nothing showing

open tab is showing in the department i dont want it to show on the bar table enity

Not sure on the ticket list but the entity screen you need to change the selected entities for each screen to only include the ones you want on each page.

Seems like you lost columns. Try this.

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how do i get ? i cant do that on the screen

Show a screenshot of the files contained in this path:


You might need to delete the file marked by the red arrow to reset the Ticket Explorer layout …

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What about Entity Screen with Ticket Explorer widget? It won’t save setting after I exit design mode, even logout and quit Samba. It actually columns reset since exit design mode.

How come mine doesn’t have TicketExplorer_XXX.xml (only have TicketExplorer.xml)

To save it you must click save then exit design mode and then shutdown sambapos and restart not just logout.

Where the save button?

Sorry by save I mean exit Design mode. Its crucial you exit Sambapos completely and restart the app or it wont save it.

PS. if its a custom Widget you may need to give it a unique name.

Hmm, that what I did (exit Design Mode, Logout, Exit/Restart SambaPOS)
It works on main Ticket Module but not in Entity Screen Ticket Explorer Widget.

You may need to give it a unique name if its a widget on entity screen.

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Yes you need to assign a unique name to the Widget under Properties.

Exit Design Mode.

Change your columns, etc.

Logout and Exit.