How do you guys implement a unique Product ID - using the Name or using a Product Tag or ...?

I wanted to implement a unique product ID so that my customer can order food by a number.

1)Should I change the product name into a code and use the header to display the text, say 101 is Wonton Soup?

2)Create a new custom tag “ID”, enter the code value “101” into it and then create the menu/printer around this method using header and others?

3)Or is there a build support which I have missed?

This method ^^^. This is also best because you may only want the number to show in the kitchen but not on the customer’s receipt (as it can be confusing to read when showing item number and quantity).

Just like @QMcKay mentioned in the other post about your Chinese Name product tag.

Also, if you want to display the item number on the button, there is a quick way I developed for a client before using a SQL script to automatically add the item number, you can see how to do it here:

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That may not work well for you since you cannot print the Menu Item Header; the Header field is only used for display on the Menu Buttons. You can only print things which are related to Products such as the Name, Product Tags (default Tag or Custom Tags), the Barcode, the Group Code, and Order Tags.

How you configure Products is up to you - it is flexible and everyone has different needs, so think about what will work best for your purpose:

  • use the Number as part of the Product Name, either as a Prefix or Suffix
  • use the Number solely as the Product Name, and set a Custom Product Tag to use for the name
  • use the Name solely as the Product Name, and set a Custom Product Tag to use for the Number
  • use the Barcode for the Number

I see it now.

Do you use “actions” to run the SQL scripts?

I will experiment more with the options you mention and see which one feels more logical.

I mentioned in the linked post - you can add it as a Database Task then you just need to run the SQL script each time you make any changes to your menu and it will update the item numbers on the buttons.

You would not set an Action to run the SQL script as you only ever need to run it if you make changes to your menu - and even then, only if you make changes to item numbers.

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How to reprogram the search bar in the order taking panel so that it can search for both the Product Name field(I assume that’s what it is searching now) and a custom Product Tag say “Product ID” field?

If so, I can have the operator enter the Product ID alone and get the proper product to display on the ordering panel. I feel a unique Product ID(serving as a key/index) makes better sense to standardize my data than using the product name.

Just enter your ID number as the barcode in the barcode field of each product. For example if your product was chips, add 1 in the barcode field and save

On the pos screen type 1 and press enter and it will add chips to the ticket

That is the easiest and simplest way to do it if you dont use the actual barcode field for a real barcode to scan

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That is a QUICK way of implementing it as barcodes are 99% unique anyway chance of collision with my own makeup IDs is rare. I can standardize my stock/system base on the barcode from the suppliers as well.