How do YOU use warehouses in your business?

So I’ve seen quite a few businesses in this field and each one is very different and I’ve noticed that pretty much everyone has a different approach to warehouses and inventory, some are very organized and methodical, while others are … well basically they have no idea you need to keep track of inventory.

How do you use warehouses in SambaPOS? One thing I am finding difficult is the fact that a product consumes from the warehouse set by Department, which means you have to have one “active” warehouse from which sales are made… while all other warehouses are simply for sorting purposes?

Me I have a “central warehouse” which is the closed facility from which anything comes out only with a written request, and thats where all the new acquisitions of ingredients and products enter and are later transferred to the “active warehouse” from where I sell drinks and food.

Recently I considered adding a “Kitchen” warehouse to transfer all the items you may buy but are only used in your own kitchen… so its pretty much a consumption warehouse, which you have to clean up manually. (because items are consumed from “active warehouse” and not from this one, so items in it like oil, eggs and so forth are never actually automatically used)

What about you? Ideas? Better ways on how to operate warehouses? Experiences?

I have:

2 Warehouse Types:

  • Local Warehouse
  • Supplier Warehouse

2 Local Warehouses:

  • SHOP (the Active Department Warehouse where things are Consumed)
  • BODEGA (offsite Storage Warehouse)

Many Supplier Warehouses - 1 for each of my suppliers.

In my case, stock is delivered to SHOP.

  • I have a Purchase Transaction Type and Doc that moves things from the Supplier Warehouse to the SHOP Warehouse.
  • I have Supplier Entities that are linked to Supplier Accounts (money flow) and Supplier Warehouses.
  • I have a Move Inventory Transaction Type and Doc that can move the surplus from SHOP to BODEGA for storage.
  • I have a Move Inventory Transaction Type and Doc that moves things the other way via a Request System (PHP).
  • I have Account Transaction Types for each of of the 3 Docs above, which are linked to the Supplier Entities/Accounts for tracking money flow.

That’s about it.

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Sounds cool! You linked your money flow with inventory transactions, so every time anything goes in or out you also get the financial numbers, as I understood. That’s a cool idea to think about implementing.