How does station printing work in sambapos

I have read this through and through with no help

I need to know how to make printer work in this situation.
Kitchen Printer setup as IP printer

Full Shared DB server
Local USB TM 88v

Samba Client
Local USB TM 88v

Samba Client
Local USB TM 88v

Samba on Station 2 and 3 are in sync with Station 1 – Great.

However when I print I get this message
There is a problem while printing. Check Printer and Printer Template Settings.
Error Message
Invalid Printer

After that read and read.
Everything worked fine on station1.
I shared printers every which way but something still must be wrong.

Last thing I did was share each printer on each station and then go to the server and all all printers in as shared \computername\printer and I still get errors.

I am using HTML printer settings on the printers inside of Samba.

What am I doing wrong?


For local printing the easiest solution is just to setup each local printer in Windows on that perticular machine and give it the same name on all machines.
Then set that printer name in samba.
Samba looks to local Windows printers names, no windows needs to have or have access to that printer as it’s named on each device.

I was so tired last night and it may have been me. When I get back there today I will test more.
This place is 35 miles away from me, and while I can remote into the systems, I cant tell whats printing. I can only tell right now that I have made the error go away.

I think what my problem was, was that I was over looking the kitchen printer mappings.
Last night when I made this post, I set up all the printers as shared printers, and on the server I added all the shared printers. Then I added those into the Samba server. Then edited the mappings and printed remotely and no errors. Not sure how the printing turned out as I was not there.

Then today I decided to check all those mappings, and add back just the local printer on station 2 and named it PRT2 Local so that I would know its local usb printer.

Made some map changes and ordered a beer ( I deserve it) and it should print to the printer next to the station. I think it did, no errors, and its settled too.

I will know more when I am on site but it may be ok.

A local printer in mapping when terminal is * will mean all terminals will try and print that mapped product to PRT2 Local…

Ok manager said there was nothing printed when she go there.

So tell me how is it supposed to work.
What should I do when the server has the main MSSQL DB and the two clients connect to it.
Each station has their own usb tm 88, and the kitchen is an ip printer.

OK you can see I have STATION2 instead of * so does that mean that when I enter the order at station2 that it will print at station2?

This is from log
And “C:\Users\vehbi” is not even on my computer…who is that?

[Exception Info 1]

Top-level Exception
Type: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception
Message: The printer name is invalid
Source: Samba.Services
Stack Trace: at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.Tools.PrinterHelper.GetPrinter(String szPrinterName) in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\Tools\PrinterHelper.cs:line 13
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.Tools.LinePrinter.StartDocument() in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\Tools\LinePrinter.cs:line 183
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.PrintJobs.SlipPrinterJob.DoPrint(AppState appState, String[] lines) in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\PrintJobs\SlipPrinterJob.cs:line 21
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.PrintJobs.PrintJobCache.Print(AppState appState) in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\PrintJobs\PrintJobFactory.cs:line 80
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.PrintJobExecutor.InternalExecutePrintJob(AppState appState, PrintJob printJob, Int32 copies, IDictionary`2 parameters) in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\PrintJobExecutor.cs:line 107
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.PrintJobExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass22_0.b__0() in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\PrintJobExecutor.cs:line 90
at Samba.Services.Implementations.PrinterModule.AsyncPrintTask.InternalExec(Action action, ILogService logService) in C:\Users\vehbi\Source\Repos\sambapos-v5-pro\Samba.Services\Implementations\PrinterModule\AsyncPrintTask.cs:line 32

He is one of the coders, it’s common for these types of programer directories to show in logs, ignore it.

  • Is all so every terminal will try and print to a local printer names prt1 but station 2 will ALSO try to PRT2 Local

For print bill and open drawer my reconmentation stands, use a common name and in Windows for all machines like ticket printer, each machine has it’s local printer given that name and then any machine will receive to it’s local printer as ticket printer.

Ok I will try that. It may be that I was making this too complicated.

Ok Printing is now working, however my cash drawer is no longer opening. I had it set up to where I had an action setup to open the cash drawer on settle and with a button map.

All I get now is the print code chad before the ticket prints.

I am confused why that is happening.

SOOO SORRY to be a bother. I fixed it. I needed to set my printer for that job correctly.

Hey i’m here. :slight_smile: Are you looking for me?

Xct codes only work in POS printer option not html etc if that is a factor.

Yes and I have another printer added for that, thats what I have in red. After moving printers around so much, I had the wrong printer in that field. Its fixed now. Working.

No. You were just referenced in some log files. All is ok.

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Hi jtr,
Cash drawer is opening for me while pressing the open drawer button. But it prints the xct code in a small piece of paper. I have given print as false in action. But it still prints.
My ticket printer is thermal html.
Do i have to create another printer for doing this print job?

Yes, you need to create another printer for this in SambaPOS because it needs to be “ESC/POS” type, not “HTML Printer”.

So just create a duplicate Printer then set the Printer Type to “ESC/POS Emulated Printer”, link the Print Job to use this new printer.


Print Job

Printer Template



Make sure “Print Ticket” is set to False.


Open Cash Drawer on Payment

Set to open on Cash payment only in this example. Remove the constraint if you want to open on all payment types.

Open Cash Drawer Button

Automation Command (for Open Drawer button)


@markjw Thanks brother.

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