How I Can control the expiration dates of my products

hello everyone, How Can track the expiration dates of my products
already searched articles related to expiration dates for the entire board, but not found anything that could be useful for my question.

I was wondering if this setting is possible

Have you not answered your own question :stuck_out_tongue:
Or are they mockup images?

Possibly wants Automation to “popup” messages as it seems at the moment the function is manual and just displays a text result i.e. no evaluation.

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Fair shout pauln, @Cazz dates can be tricky to work with, you would need to ensure date format is consistent which as we currently have no mask/formatting parameters for item tags would be down to you to enter correctly.
You could constrain on order added {ITEM TAG:Expiry Date} > {DATE} (think {DATE} should work, if not + alternative probably better, kendash probably a good one to give suggestion on that part)
Might want to add a date formatting expression to them both possibly so they are defiantly in matching format.
Maybe add cancel last order action after the popup/ask question…


Great summary @JTRTech - I do like your straight up answers!

This gives me an idea… :open_mouth:
Product TAGS could almost be styled like above as a Custom Fields?

I was looking for a way to create a Purchase Order by a “Grouping Function” - Group Under Supplier i.e. small batch bought from a Beer supplier. Do you think this could be built around a product TAG? Are they editable through Automation as that all what is needed?

@pauln I do try and keep thinks simple, although often too much as think kendash has a template response for my questions asking to explain in more detail (:stuck_out_tongue: kendash - only playing)

Not sure what you mean by this, if you mean options for field type like date etc like on entity fields this was a suggestion I raise a fair while ago, cant remember what the verdict was, think it was along the lines of since its a admin only feature and not available to edit in POS like custom fields it wasn’t a necessity :frowning: but it was a while ago so might be remembering incorrectly.

Im pretty sure we dont have an action to update a product tag but could probably work out a script to do it for you :wink:
Am a little flat out this week, my hotel PMS system goes in on monday and still polishing up the setup. Got a training terminal to install tomorrow for staff to learn and hopefully find any glitches/bugs in the setup. but start a new thread and we can discuss.

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Hey JTR you are quite correct - no Actions for Update Products & Inventory? All good information, maybe something @emre might have in planning.

I wouldnt like to attempt script for inventory related things with out helpers anyway as A. not familier with inventory system and B. pretty sure it would be UBER complex.
Updating Item Tags shouldn’t bee too hard with a script & SQL insert and a few hours tinkering. Let me know is tag part is any use and will have a look as soon as hotel system is sorted.

No worries I am thinking of another solution! :smirk: Data we can get at for Automation.
So not to derail this thread I will start another in time, get your almighty Hotel System done and we can discuss later. I reckon it may work but I will implement test inventory first.

Cheers and good luck with yours!

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Yes @JTRTech it is a kind of model, but only in appearance, basically there are no configuration capable of firing the expiration date through the automation commands, this is just a button automation of firing the MSG TEST MESSAGE, nothing more :smile:

this is just an idea of how I would like it to work.

That’s right @pauln this is just an idea. I wish to work with actions and rules able to get this result.

Good idea @JTRTech {ITEM TAG: Expiry Date}> {DATE} is probably this right setup.

I will work on that, and I’ll let you know how it was
thank you

You main hurdle will be handling date format in a way which can be used in the constraint
Took me a while to get dates right in my PMS scripts.

How I Can control the expiration dates of my products

A customer, request I extend his installation because he has a mini-mart in the same location as the business. I will need sambaPOS V5 to auto-check the product expiration date before sales. I search the forum and found this but is not detailed enough for a beginner like me.

so please I will need a step by step guide on how to implement this if possible for me to get the kb link