How limit products to a especify table?

I have a question, my client have some tables, but need limit products to sale on some tables (like vip), sample of concept:
Table 1: only show “Cocacola” on menu
Table 2: only show “SevenUP” on menu
Table 3: only show “Fanta” on menu

can limit products show on menu by table to avoid sale SevenUp on table 1 (just a sample).


You would need to create separate menus for each level. Then use the Change Screen Menu action when a specific Entity is assigned to a ticked. In your case a table. Try using Ticket Entity Changed rule and use a delayed Execute Automation Command action feed the table name to command value. When screen menu action executes it can use the command name to select correct menu. Menus need to be named as each table exactly.

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