How set url into the HTML Viewer


Instead of hardcode the Url in the Url box, how can I set it with actions, rules, and automation commands such as putting a few predefined Urls coded button on the blue area on the left so that I can reuse the same HTML Viewer space for showing other Urls?


Have you looked at the actions available?


I did not find one in the actions, or may be I have missed it.


Would it be this one?

Execute Html Widget Action


Set Widget Value action is what you need. That action sets different parameters depending on the type of Widget. In the case of an HTML Viewer Widget, it sets the URL value.

You need to give them Names, which is in the Widget Properties dialog, as opposed to the Widget Settings dialog.



Just tested it.

I can now do an online manual with this feature within the GUI of SambaPOS, so operators can click a button to learn the feature I program into SambaPOS without calling me. HAHAHA. Love it!