How to add a 10% off button on the ticket screen

Currently, I have 10% service charge auto applied from 6pm onwards using calculation type/selector.
Also I have a “remove service charge” button to remove 10% service charge. However am having logic thinking problem on how to to setup a Take out discount button which is also 10% off but this shouldn’t be from service charge instead the ticket total. For example, If I were to use the button before 6pm there won’t be a 10% service charge to remove.

I followed how I setup the “remove service charge” procedure but no go.

Can someone guide me?

You could use update calculation action and set to a fixed calculation type and use the action to calculate any value you want. So you would use say [={TICKET TOTAL}0.1] or [={TICKET TOTAL}/10] or [={TICKET TOTAL}/10010]

Check your calculation ordering first as you may be able to get what you want by changing the sort order.

Ok assuming I setup an Action and name it Takeout Discount and set Action Type to Update Ticket Calculation and the Calculation Type to Takeout Discount. The amount I set it as [:Takeout Discount]
Reset Ticket, Remove Calculation and Round Amount are all blank.

I’ve also setup a Calculation Type called Takeout Discount
Calculation method: Rate from Ticket Amount and The Rate is 10.00
Decrease amount is ticked.

Now my question is when I go ahead and create a rule and add the Takeout Discount Action I created above
what do I put in the [:Takeout Discount] variable ? Do I still need to put a calculation formula here? something like F( TN( statement? I thought I already specific it should use Rate from Ticket Amount and the rate is 10% within the Calculation Type. This is the part I do not understand.

For example. I created Ticket Tag and called it Takeout and If I want to apply 10% takeout discount when I Tag a ticket with Takeout.
What would the proper statement I would put in the [:Takeout Discount] variable field to achieve it?

Can someone educate me?
Thanks so much~

You don’t want it to be a simple rate from total though you said, you want to have 10% of orders without service charge.
The calculation type would be fixed and the formula would go in the amount field and be done to return the value of the discount not the rate.
So to correct my previous post you would probably need to look at {PLAIN TOTAL} or one of the other expressions to get the ticket total before calculations. These are listed on the print template help list. If you use taxes it may need to be another as think plain total is before tax also.

okay I think my initial post is vague. let me reiterate my current setup and what i am trying to achieve

I do not charge 10% service charge for lunch dine-in which goes from 12pm - 6pm.
I do charge 10% service charge for dinner dine-in from 6pm - 10pm.

I have setup Service Charge calculation type as well as calculation selector to apply 10% service charge to all tickets automatically and use a combination of calculation/action/rule to remove service charge before 6pm.

Now what I am looking to do is to have a button on the ticket screen which allows me to apply 10% discount for takeouts.

So the run down should be like this:

during lunch service. customer orders takeout and I apply 10% discount to the takeout order

for dinner service. customer orders takeout. I will need to first press the remove service charge button which will remove 10% service charge automatically charged and then I will need to press the takeout discount button to apply 10% discount.

now my question is how do I make that 10% takeout discount button? I have searched on the forum there is also a way to do it by ticket tag?

This is the reason I mentioned using Calculation Type with the Method Rate from Ticket Amount and use 10.00 for rate will suffice because it’s going to be a fixed 10% discount whenever I press this button.

But I just do not know what to put in the Amount in the calculation …

If it’s a rate set within the calculation type I’m not sure if you need to put anything since rate is set in calculation, but if it does need a value just put 10 if it’s set as a rate and you want 10%

So this is the screenshot. Ignore the calculation type. It should be Takeout Discount there and the calculation is configured to use rate from ticket and rate is 10.00

question here is I don’t have to put anything in the Amount ?


As I said I cant remember if you use rate and set in the calculation type itself if you HAVE to or not as to whether it draws the rate from the calculation type or the action overides the default set in the calculation.
I would guess/presume as its UPDATE action it would overide so you would want to put 10 based on a calculation set to rate from ticket total.
All my calculations are fixed using more complex automation so its been a while since I used just basic rate based calculation.