How to add a buttom for 10% service charge at tables?

Hey Wizards,

I’ve been looking for tutorials and there are many ways to do same stuff around samba pos and im really lost here.

Ive made 2 departments: TAKEAWAY and DINE IN where I use price list and have both different prices. I can see the 2 buttons at the POS screen and its fine showing the right price.

My question is: How to keep an open bill at tables? When I select another table it shows to bill from another and its like its the same bill but I would like to have each table showing only itself orders. Is it possible?

Also how can I add an 10% service charge? We are charging table with 6 people or more.

Thank you very much!

I really can not understand what you mean. Change table button is designed to move a ticket from one table to the other. Just don’t use that button.

Oh Man! I didnt know. It makes sense now :sweat_smile: :joy: :joy:

How can I see the open orders for each table?

Thank you very much @Jesse

Go to tickets screen and it will show open tickets and table numbers.

I cant come back from here as when I click on close nothing happens. I could see tickets on the menu but had to cancel items and come back or click in MAIN MENU. Im sorry for the dumb question but how to see these tickets other way?

Thank you Bro you are saving me here.

After clicking on close I was able to get back to MAIN MENU and see the tickets like here:

How can I open the table bills open? Lets say the costumer sit in and ask started and then a pizza and then some wine but at different times.

Thank you very much!

When you click close it should go to the tables screen. If it duesnt then check department settings and make sure it’s Select Entity for ticket creation.

If clicking close does nothing then you have messed up the automation somehow.

I gonna check the Department setting and make sure Entity for ticket creation right now.

It was my mistake I can now click in CLOSE and come back to TICKETS at main menu. I can see the table there and im able to add more sales.

Thank you very much @Jesse You have a pizza on me if you ever in Sligo! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Here is my department settings. What is the difference between ticket and reservation ticket?

Reservation ticket isn’t default.
Ticket type is just another factor you can create and use to control your flow and set options and report on.
As ticket type is generally a mapping option for automation to taxs etc if you have a more complex or branched flow it can help.
Unless you configure different stuff to each ticket type changing wknt effect much. Value comes in when you need another factor to key to in the flow of transactions etc.