How to add a Re-Print Order Button onto Ticket Screen

Sometimes we will need to reprint orders.

So when we open the Ticket is it possible to have a Re-Print Order Button on the left hand side of the ticket window?

Do you need to reprint to kitchen?

Yes Emre,

I take it I have to clone the Print Job to the Kitchen?

A reprint function will reprint whole ticket but it seems you’ll need reprinting only last printout. Let me think about it.


I just want a button that will allow me to re-print the whole ticket.

So if the chef dropped the printout behind the counter or the printers paper run out we want to open the ticket and press a button called ‘Re-Print Order’

I’m sure its possible, but not sure how to do it?

@Isaac, if you print whole ticket you’ll also print already served orders. I think you’ll need to reprint last order batch. Handling both cases are possible, I’ll prepare a documentation about that.

OK. I had to modify current implementation so I’ll prepare tutorial with next release. It will be released in few days. Thanks.

I’ve created a tutorial for reprinting tickets. Printing by order selection feature will not work before 4.1.13 release but until we release that you can use ticket reprinting feature.

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