How to add a sum of 2 totals in a report

Following the tutorial which gets the total made in each terminal. I’ve managed to set it up so it shows the sales made in each terminal, but I want to know how to now add both of these totals together get make a grand total made for the day?

Show your report template you used.

This the report template

This is the report Script

Just wondering isn’t Till1+Till2… = ticket payment total?

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I also noticed that when you check work period total, vs’s till total, they don’t match at all.

Here is what Work Period Shows for till 1

Here is what is captured from Till 1

It’s weird

How about other till? Any payment on till2. Or your SQL query wrong.

Nevermind actually, till 2 does show a different amount and they do equal the total amount in work period.

So in a sense It already does what I want it to do, I just got really confused, because I thought the work period showing on till 1 was seperate to work period on till 2.

So in other words, the work period report that shows the grand total, matches the exact amount that shows for till 1 and till 2 together.

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Correct that report is for total venue. You could use REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS tag to build the same report as well.

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