How to add barcode or other text in transaction area

Hi, any idea how to change this section details? (such as adding barcode etc)?

Don’t think it’s possible there, you create a custom product tag for barcode and use it to print the barcode under each order on the receipt print out

I don’t think you can show a barcode on the ticket area, i think the area under orders is for order states

You can change the display format of Order Lines like there:

You have to set it on each State - so you would need to have it on New and Submitted order states.

You can use most relevant printer tags but you may need to use double {{ for example {{BARCODE}}.

For example, this is something I have used before (I have custom product tags for Item Number and Chinese Name):

{0}<br/><size 16><color Blue>{{ITEM TAG:Item Number}}</color> {{ITEM TAG:Chinese Name}}</size>

which will give you a result like this:

@kalvintan just wondering though, are you using {BARCODE} to store something else as I can’t imagine why you would want to show a barcode there. If so, I’d suggest using custom product tags instead.