How to add bmp logo to the print template

Hi there, i i’m new to sambapos and i would like to know ,how to Add a bmp logo to the final bill i tried but i could not

What did you try?
Its on forum many many times.
What template type are you using?

Type < BMP > location of bmp


< BMP >C:\logo.bmp

Hey There thanks for the supporting, but I tried that way but some error comes after

Show what you tried. Chances are your image is in a folder that it does not have permission for. Or you typed a mistake in the path. The method works we need to see what your mistake was to help you.

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This is I’m using

Tel - xxxxxxxxxx


But bmp logo is not showing in the bill

You need to highlight pasted code and click <\> button to make forum treat as code else strips code.

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I have another question, can we add a delevery address to the bill

<L01> {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}

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