How to add custmore address on bill

im useing samba pos4 in my pizza delivery store so im offering delivery service only i need to put custmor address on it so i need some help

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Add custom fields to entity type then add tags to template to print them;
{ENTITY DATA:FieldName} in within entity [SECTION]
{ENTITY DATA:EntityTypeName:FieldName} if in general layout section

This is the templete its not working

after pasting the code the code u gave me only custmor number apper

Is FieldName your address field?!?!
That is whatever you call the custom field!!

sorry i dont understand the screen shot this the templete im useing and i have made some change that u told me

and this is what i got in print out

so any suggestion need you urgent responce if posible

i might missing some action or rules command?

Show a screenshot of your entities so we can see what you have labelled each field

The reason only the number prints is because youve only told the ticket template to print ENTITY DATA:FieldName

You must be inputting the customers number in a field called FieldName

If the customers name is in a field called Customer Name you would input ENTITY DATA:Customer Name in your template

If the customers address is entered in a field called address you woulf input ENTITY DATA:address into your print template to print this

It all depends on how you have setup your entites and what field names you have given to each part of the information you store on each entity

Show us a screenshot of an entity setup and we can tell you exactly what to put in your template (remember its all also case sensitive so address is NOT the same as Address)

O thanks for your replay i will send you screen shot in a mint

is this can help me.

if its your customer entity your using i need a screenshot of one of those entities so we can see what fields you are using, Name, Address, Phone Number etc

AR u talking about is screen

Yes, so it would be {ENTITY DATA:Address}

i was working on that tutoral that i did mention above

Why is there no closing } on that?

wait i will show u screen shot