How to add details to entity grid and auto choose page size

Ok quick question.

On an entity grid how do I have the buttons say something like

Like where do I put the template and how do I get those feilds to come up?

Also is there a way to automatically choose page size on the Grid?

That would be don’t through entity state formatting.
There is an option on the entity screen to use state display format and the you define of not already the required entity statesmanship make the format I there.
It is a mixture of print template tags and report tags I have seen used.

Im really confused at the mment, I have a state like this

And on my entity screen I have this set

Should this not make the entitys red and the label test on them? Im really confused and dont know how to use them

I want all the entites on that screen to have this formatting.

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Any chance you could just copy out that Display Format?

Also how do I assign states to entites?

It wouldnt be any use as most is very specific to my setup.

It uses the same formatting as button headers etc.

<size xx></size>
<color xxxxx></color>

Report tags etc you use $1 as the entity name for each header.

Same way you define states to orders and tickets :-p except you use update entity state.

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Ok, So this is what I have so far. I run this action when I am in a ticket with one I want to change

I have the state

And then I have my entity screen

. Am I doing something wrong? Also are entity states permament? Would I only have to set the state once?

Ok, It now changes the colour to red but I cant see any of those things I set? have I done something wrong how can I debug this

If its custom grid think you also need to set the display state in the grid settings.

Yes, but they are changed through automation so only you can tell if your setup will change at any other point

My setup wont change for that.

its not a custom grid its entity screen mode automatic.

edit Seting it to a layout entity screen seems to have fixed it. Werid.

It seems whenever I use something like {ENTITY NAME} it resets it to the default format…

OK, what I think your problem is is that you need to use either the {0} or $1 value somewhere in your formatting template.

my other states where tags do not already use the $1 expression

<size 32><b>Room {ENTITY NAME}</b></size><linebreak/>
<size 24>{ENTITY DATA:Guest Name} ({ENTITY DATA:No. Guests})</size><linebreak/>
<size 24>INHOUSE</size><linebreak/>
<size 16>Package: {ENTITY DATA:Booking Package} [{ENTITY DATA:No. Guests}]</size><size 1><color #00000000>$1</color></size>

<size 1><color #00000000>$1</color></size>

my VOID order state;
<color #FF7F7F7F><size 12>VOID</size></color><color #00000000><size 1>{0}</size></color>

<color #00000000><size 1>{0}</size></color> being the key part, using the value but hidden.

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You wouldnt use {ENTITY NAME} as that is returned by $1 which is what you should use at least once in your format, see my post above.

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Yep using $1 worked! I just got confused why you didnt use $1 like in <size 32><b>Room {ENTITY NAME}</b></size><linebreak/>

Think you need to use either {0} or $1.
{0} just gives the value, think if used in a tag/report you need to use $1.

Additionally you cant us both so if using a report type expression you should use $1 for all uses of entity name.

So do I use $1 where I see {ENTITY NAME} ?

Say I wanted this expression from a printer template
{ENTITY DATA:Students:CName}

Where Would I put the $1?

Looks like I worked it out, i just had to use $1 to load it in.

Also would you know the expression for a account value?

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put this somewhere in the template;
<size 1><color #00000000>$1</color></size>

Also you wouldn’t specify entity type as its an entity screen…

Yep I got it now… Thanks! [quote=“the133448, post:15, topic:11214”]
Also would you know the expression for a account value?

I did it in one of my hotel setups, the one where it wasnt with PMS but standalone.
There was some new account balance tags added recently, try those.

Found it!

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Just checked and that system was different anyway as was calling the balance from the booking entity on the room entity screen using the booking entity name which was a entity data field on the room entity… anyway you sorted it LOL

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