How to add new payment methods in payment screen

How to add new payment methods in payment screen, I have added some new in Payment Types but they does not show on screen.

have you mapped them to payment screen

I don’t thinks so, let me check.

I am not able to find how to map?

Manage > Tickets > Payment Types

Be sure to add a Mapping for the Payment Type or it will not appear.

It helped. Thanks for support.

New payment methods does not print bill, how can I print bill once payment is settled through new payment methods.

Bill doesn’t print by default on payment received.
Are you saying it doesn’t print on bill on final payment/ticket closing or that you want a receipt for every payment processed.

It does not print on final payment settlement through newly added payment methods.
It prints for cash but does not print for other options.

So lets say when I settle payment with cash it prints final bill but when I settle through zomato-cod or zomato-online it does not prints bill, I added these payment methods of-course with the help of forum

Any Idea here how to fix it.

The printing of the bill will just be a rule probably of payment processed when balance or remaining amount = 0.

This is my force print bill rule which forces a print on ANY payment of card or room account;

If you only want on final payment you can add constraint of remaining amount like this;

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