How to adjust inventory report with previous sales irrespective of work periods?

Dear Sambapos members, First of all my hearty congrats for your effort in building such a wonderful software which can be customized for many type of businesses. I am working at Bahrain and installed sambapos4 for a mini market. Since the management was in a hurry to open the shop, i just completed the product list with barcode and started selling on last June 30th. I thought even i make inventory, transaction, recipe later, the sold items should automatically reduced from warehouse. As a testing i made some products under menu and sold, then i made inventory and i found that even we create inventory later the items should be reduced automatically from warehouse. Now i realize that if we sale something and close the work period, transactions added for that items after closing work period does not reduce from warehouse. is there any way to solve this issue, like can i merge all work periods from the starting day or something like that?? please do help me. In short i need my inventory prediction on warehouse should be adjusted with previous sales irrespective of work periods.

I’m not sure if it is really what you mean but changes on inventory setup never reflects to back dates.

Add transactions before closing work period. V5 have better control on this.