How to alter Report Heading

can we print the report heading without the grey filled grid like without solid grey backgorund

Go to Printer Template

Change under [Layout]

<T>Ticket   ----- into----  <C10>Ticket

but i want to remove the background color it eats up ink and print blur also

Thats how it work, Try.

**<T>**Ticket   ----- change into----  **<C10>**Ticket

in my printer template where ever i had i replaced it with
but no effect on report layout

Go To

  • Printer Templates
  • Ticket template

Change <T> into <C10> and safe the template

yup i try to do like this

Yes than you have to go to Reports, but thats different, let me have a look.

PS In V4 you need to have the Custom Reports Module installed. this to Purchase true the Samba Market.
Or you hold on to V5 were this Module is integrated FOC

i think you are not getting my question.

[Sales:1, 1] — this is a table with columns defined in reports.
and this appears as this

i dont want to have the table name with background color filled

Yes I’m getting your question.
Do you have the Custom Reports Module installed.? before moving on.

in v4 i had installed but in v5 there is no option to install under samba market

Thats correct on V5 it is FOC intergated. Do you run V4 or V5

i currently i have both on my system basically trying to migrate

Hmmm, have been searching, has possible to do with the […] between brackets. Can not figure out of this can be changed, would need some help from @emre or @Jesse in this case.

This formatting is for title format and is not relating to the remort template, thats what gives you;

:::::::::::: TICKET ::::::::::::::

Title on the default template.

For custom reports I believe in V4 you cannot edit the default work period report however if you know the codes you can recreate with custom reports module.
In V5 the work period report is a predefind custom report and can be edited.

The ‘Title’ format for report templates I would imagine is hard coded.
I have not used custom report much so am not a pro on the subject but a quick look through the code it seems to me;

[Sales:1, 1]

[ ] defines a table title and is set to center, bold, white text on grey - think you might struggle to adjust this.


Single > gives a bold black text on white background

>>Order Counts per State

Double >> Gives same format as title but as a 'sub heading (white on grey)


this is some thing new for me …so we can adjust [] in v4 also

As I said i am not reports expert.
Not sure on the changes between V4 and V5 reports as never used custom reports in V4.
When you say adjust im not sure what you mean.
As I understand it [ ] defines the table, (I may be wrong) where [Title:x, x] title is obviously title, and the number define column width in form of devision (1,1) would be two equal columns (2, 1) would be two columns where first is 2/3 and second is 1/3 width.
[ ] as far as I understand is required to make a take and the format of this is defined in the software itself and is not adjustable.

as you said [ ] is to set white text on grey so i was asking can we change in the color but i also know [ ] we have to define the table name and columns using [ ]

I have not seen a mention about changing this on any posts Ive read but your the first ive seen to ask!
I imagine the formatting is hard coded.
Why were you looking to change it anyway?

You can not change the color.

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