How to assign shortcut keys to button?

I want to assign Shortcut keys like F1, F2 or Ctrl+P to ‘Print Bill’ Button ! How can I achieve this ?

Not sure you can…

Might be able to work something out using a 3rd party app.
You can base a rule on {:NUMBERPAD} value being entered and have a 3rd party shortcuts application make the key a shortcut for say 123456789
Although never tried to override official shortcuts/function keys.

Within samba you would need an execute automation command action witch executes the command name of whichever button you want.
Make a new rule with event of numberpad entered and constraint of 123456789 and you execute automation command action.

@emre I know you can do miracles

@JTRTech I have found a software shortcut key program by Insight Software Solutions… But I am totally confused how to link it with samba pos

What does this mean ??? Are there shortcut keys already in samba POS ???

Actually I don’t want to get my own shortcut keys…I just want shortcut keys so that i can minimize my usage of mouse !

No I mean windows shortcuts link crt+L etc.

Samba can pickup certain keystrokes via the numberpad where barcodes etc can be entered.

Use that software to make a shortcut which enters a string of keystrokes which are numberpad compatable and make a rule based on the numberpad value being entered.

That’s same principle.

Sorry to say But I am not that much smart… I need explanation :sweat_smile:

I did give explanation.

------shortcut app
You choose shortcut
Set shortcut to be 123456789
On shortcut it enters number 123456789 and enter/return keystrokes.
A rule of numberpad value entered event with constraint of that number then triggers your whatever you want to happen.

While in samba try typing the numbers in with keyboard!!!