How to attach a metriK license to a restaurant


Hello, I’ve just bought a metriK license today and I’ve seen it activated in my account. The question is, even I bought the license but it seems not attached to my restaurant. What should I do next to link mertriK license to my SambaPOS database?


I’m sure I read it validates using email address in samba database which is account used for v5 licence.


I don’t know, my SambaPOS license and metriK license are in a same account (same email address). I also register metriK account using that email as well. Nothing changed, the expire date in metriK still not reflect my license correctly.


@Tayfun will be better one to answer licencing questions for metrik


Have you scanned the QR code in Sambapos yet? You don’t need the license right now. Metrik is not a finished product. I’m using metrik with both locations and no license on either one yet. I just set it up and generated QR code then scanned it.


Yes, everything’s working right except it seems like I’m still in trial time. When I check the reports section all say coming soon which make me think I need a license to see those reports.


No those reports are not available yet…Its still in beta… Metrik is not released yet. So yours is working just fine. The only thing available with Metrik right now is the home splash screen with the limited data.


Ouch! A bit sad, but I’ll consider this as my support to SambaPOS and metriK team then. Hope metriK will get to the next phase soon.