How to automatically print receipt when tickets close

How to automatically print receipt when tickets close.

I need help please

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Add an “Execute Print Bill Job” at the end of “Ticket Close” rule if you’re using a standard setup. At the same time this won’t initiate the standard Print Bill Rules, so maybe post a little more than what did before.


You should really post more of your specific situation if you need help. Two lines is pretty limiting.


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Thank you for your assistance. I actually want receipts to be printed automatically when a ticket is settled.

So, from your help above I added “Execute Bill Print Job” to General setting on Settle rule. But it didn’t print receipts when ticket was settled.

@Okokhue_Ferdinard Go to Settings > Configuration Tasks and run the Automatic Print on Payment task. Run it for each payment type you want a ticket printed when paid.

Select your payment type and the Print Job you want it to use.

After this it will print when you pay a ticket out with that payment type. You can constrain the rule to make sure it only prints when remaining amount is 0


Thank you. So much it works. Thank you once again.

Thanks for sharing this information!

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