How to Automatically Print Report from Custom Report once Work Period End

i have manage to print default report automatically when work periods ends but how can i define to print the custom report.

i have tried to pass the custom report name in the rule but no action is taken.

Print Custom Report is a different Action …

ohh i overlooked this action

ok the print out are coming out on work period end but there is another issue

if i print directly from custom report it is printing in simple settings

but if the report get prints from the rule on work period ending…its printing in red

ps using dot martix tm u220
now how do i let the rule follow the same formatting as set in custom report?

Can you show examples? It may be something @emre needs to fix. SambaPOS5 all reports are custom reports so this could be something he should look at since we are actively testing V5 now.

ok i will scan and update

@emre , @Jesse , @QMcKay
the report is as follow
black and white is the manual print from the custom report
red printed report is printed after work period ends
please take note:
– the auto report of item sale group is blank
—and in manual print the grid can be seen
—unable to have heading or title in table report as seen in daily report