How to be a programer for samba

i am a in the last year in the university and i am thinking to do my graduation project like sambapos.


can i be part of the team of samba and i will add something to the program?

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Mohammed Faleh

Sorry for my English

SambaPOS v2 is open source, you can see how it works and it might help you with your project.

However SambaPOS v4 and v5 are not open source, that means you should show that you deserve to be on SambaPOS team, it’s not that easy, SambaPOS programmers are highly professional hard working coders, and they worked hard for this, to be on SambaPOS team you have to make a noticeable contribution, to be noticed by the team members that you might be helpful to the project, and that’s going to take time.

This is just my view the idea, good luck


@emre is one of the two people that can make that decision. I can only speculate but I would guess an informal request without taking the time to be sure punctuation, spelling, and proper internet ethic are followed would not be so great of a first impression.

I am not doubting your ability and Emre may want to talk with you, however as a new person in the field you might want to be mindful of your first impressions.


thanks all,

i am still studying software engineering in my last year i have to make a graduation project and i am really not decide which project i will do , so i had a look to the samba v4 and its really super pro for my level .

i think if i have the opportunity to work with the team that will give me the a good experience. i might able to add something to the program, what i need is work with a team in coding i really need this experience.

thank you

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Hello @Mohammed_Faleh. Unfortunately I’m out of open source SambaPOS development atm but V3 project is still available at and you can access v3 source code from

Hope it helps. Thank you.

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thank you .

:frowning: :smile:can you do some advice for me ? i am thinking to build from where you stop in v3 .

i am thinking to do it in cloud system o as an app to work in windows rt or phon .

kind regards.