How to become a partner or get payed training

Can some one please give me information on how to become a partner
or get payed training

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This forum is based on people willing to help. I havent seen much of paying here. I would recomend taking a few hours and reading older posts. there are LOTS (literally lots) of tutorials that will help you thru. And we are all glad to help out when questions or issues are raised.

Tell us a little more about what you want to do with Samba… perhaps we can give you a hint or two…




im gonna read and if i dont come out i will repost

What are you looking to do, become an epos system installer?
This is my main income at the minute after stumbling over samba about 18 months ago when a friend bought a pub and asked me to sort him some software for a touch screen till he bought unwittingly not realizing it didn’t come with software.
After that another friend asked me to sort him something out after hearing how well it had worked in that local pub.
In the last 6 months have setup about 50-60 tills in about 35-40 locations all running samba.
Everything I have learn’t if from this forum and experimentation.
The first one was tricky, using v3 as old hardware and didnt realize how good the forum was for direct advice etc rather than just tutorials.
Am now due to do complete revamp in the local hotel I work part time at which will over next 6 months impliments 3-4 tills, 4-5 tablets, kitchen and bar printers, table status screen on the pass and the BIG ONE… integration with there PMS system. The integration especially I couldn’t have done without help on forum perticularly QMcKay and Kendash as well as Emre himself… I went blindly into that project having never used JScript, SQL, JSON or any form of API and now have a reasonable understanding of the basics :smile:
If you can put in the time learning curve is exponential, once it clicks you can visualize how things work, I am lucky I had opportunity to build the experience with early systems being offered as basic pre configured setup and now offering customization for each install for their workflow.

yes i would like to do that i’m from suriname and there are alot of pubs and resturants here i can get my hands on right now i going to install samba on my second pub the first one is still totaly unstable but i keep it alive lol but the second one i read the forum but the forum shows you how to delete the test data and ad your own data but still the same database i would like totaly new owh enity where i dont delete product and add just add new products add my own warehouse name ans ect ect

Didnt take this as a question/didnt understand.

You can clear transactions with the database tools module - create default tasks will add a clear transactions task. This will clear all transactions but not products etc.

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