How to change order tag quantity in 'Order Line' on more than 2 quantity? or any other solution?

SambaPOS Version: 5.1.60 Pro x 2 license purchased for family restaurants
Restaurant: 60% Dine In, 30% To Go, 10% Delivery
User Level: New in SambaPOS and 1st time requesting in forum.

I have a following situation on order.

Not yet, I am not familiar with ‘Action’, ‘Rule’, ‘Automation Command’.

Can someone provide any solution or detail tutorial to change order tag quantity on ‘Order Line’ or solution for how order tag quantity not to follows main item’s order quantity.

Please, help!

Thank you.

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Don’t understand, this is correct behaviour, your taging an order not the order line so if there are 10 tags is order is x10, if you ad two X tag there will be 20x tags.

If you only want to tag one order with that tag;
Add 1x order
Tag that order
Add 9x order

Will give;
1x order

  • 1xtag
    9x order (no tags)
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If main item order quantity is 1, order tag automatically start with quantity 1. This is o.k
But If main item order quantity is 2, order tag automatically start with quantity 2.
Either if it’s setup order tag modifier max quantity 0 or 1.

Customer order 10 quantity of Pupusas( main item ) with 3 Curtido (order tag modifiers).

Now, when I click 10 x Pupusas and just one time click on Curtido (order tag modifiers),
the order tag modifiers Curtido automatically becomes 10.

Thank you for your replied.

Your misunderstanding the use of tags.
Presume curtido is a side order of sorts?
Tags are modifiers for orders not independent products. Tagging an order line of 10x something means the tag if for a change or info on all 10 orders on that line.
If you insist on using tags as you are my sugestion would still stand;
Add 3x orders, tag, and another line of 7 orders without tag but what you are describing is not the purpose of tags, you would have a side order product for what I think you are doing or ring in like I said, as your order presumably is going to be 10x order z with 3x side a, 5x side b 2x side c which would be rand in as;
3x order z

  • side a
    5x order z
  • side b
    2x order z
  • side c
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Yes, you may be right.

Current situation how I handle these kind order for example,

If customer order 20 Pupusas (main item) and 6 Curtidos (order tag modifiers),
I make 1 Pupusas (main item) and 6 Curtidos (order tag modifiers) in order line and then
I make 19 Pupusas. This is very inconvenient.

Not really because that’s the point of order tags…
You example would be;
6x pupusas

  • with 6x curtidos
    14x pupusas

The alternative like I said would be seperate product;
20x pupusas
6x curtidos

Think about mc donalds if you ordered 2 meals and 2 just burger they wouldn’t ring in
4 burgers

  • 2 drinks
  • 2 chips

They would ring in:
2 X burger meals

  • Coke
  • chips
    2x burger only
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Yes, I already made more than enough side order but I don’t think my concept and structure are wrong.
And my family restaurants are not fast food restaurant. So if customer order with one little bag of house made special sauce, it is very important with quantities and kitchen print and bill print.

Thank you for your replied.

You can separate things on the Kitchen Order Print if you want (see last bit of this reply).

But this is how Order Tags work:

2x Pulled Pork Wrap (price 240 ea), total is: 2x 240=480 (main item, quantity: 2)

  • ADD SWISS x2 (price 20 ea), total is: 2x 2x 20=80
  • ADD PEPPER JACK (price 20 ea), total is: 2x 1x 20=40
    Order Total: 600

The ADD SWISS tag is adding 2 Slices per Order
The ADD PEPPER JACK tag is adding 1 Slice per Order

Order Tag Quantities are for a single Order, not for: main order quantity x tag quantity

That ^ shows Per Order:

  • 1x Flour Tortilla
  • 1x Pork meat
  • 2x Swiss
  • 1x Pepper Jack

If this is confusing to your Kitchen you can change the way it prints in the Print Job configuration by using one of these options:

  • Individual orders by quantity (separates orders on a single print)
  • Separated prints by quantity (separates each order onto its own prints)


So nice and warm!

While I setting up 2 family restaurants, I follow up all tutorials in forum and I always think SambaPOS is the one of the most largest potential providing to users and their own business to build up. It is kind of amazing how ‘Action’, ‘Rule’ and ‘Automation Command’ integrating each other and then providing system easy to use.
What ever I facing with something new, I know it’s gonna take time to get control and there is always pros and cons follow.

But to me it’s great with SambaPOS. And my family restaurants are already up and running with SambaPOS.

Your one words makes me clear and challenge. I do really appreciate your kindly provide very detail description, and it make me easy to understand.

Thank you very much !!!