How to change product into lunch, dinner, lg, sm portions? + Discount butions & more


I am liking the SambaPOS and am hoping I can get it to work with my restaurant. I have few questions and hope the community will help me out.

My current pos does everything I need however it is old and the pc lags.

I have setup the menu so far however I can’t figure out how to add button that will change say “Entry” dish into Lunch or dinner specials. I also need buttons that will change the entry into large or small portions.

Basicly I need 4 buttons to change any dish into Lunch, Dinner Specials & Large, Small portions with corresponding price since every Lunch, Dinner, Large & small portion all have different price. I also need the L for lunch, D for dinner Lg for large, Sm for small to show on the item name so the kitchen knows the portion to cook.

I also need a diticated discount button that will show me a discount screen with preset discount vaules like 10, 15, 20 and 25% discount I also need dollar amount discounts beside the % discount. What I mean is to be able to take $1, $5, or $10 off the ticket.

I got the Caller ID to work however, how can I set it up so when I click on the caller # or name so it will bring up the caller order history and order type? Take-out or Delivery.

How do I setup buttons to change order from walk-in to, take-out to dine-in to delivery and back and forth, this way the ticket will show the type of order when printing the receipt and order receipt to the kitchen?

How Can I setup the pos so when receiving Delivery orders the order will automaticly show the Delivery charge and calculate it into the final order price without me to click a button for delivery charge?

Lastly, How can I setup Map button so it will show on the Delivery customer screen with the address so I can click and check for location?

Thank you so much

Thats one big bunch of questions…

Not sure about lunch dinner without fully understanding your menu but small and large are just portions you set for the product, add a portion on the product page and rename normal to one and the other to whatever.
Portions will be set on the order line on ticket automatically.
The autoselect option on menu will prompt for portion and tags if preferred/needed rather than adding then selecting product as will default to first portion as standard.

You would setup a 10% discount and button and can pretty easily make a value button that you type the amount in on the settle screen.
Could also be setup via automation command(button) on ticket screen also.

History is a bit different and probably a little more involved, but sure this has been covered on forum - not something ive done myself.

Many people done different ways, departments, ticket types, ticket tags, as said, many many options, the best will depend on what you want to use for, if just to say on ticket tag is probably simplest, especially with changing it back and forth.

You would need to specify a zone or distance in v4 for any automation to use, there was an awesome setup by someone in V5 which used google maps to calculate distance and in turn charge, but thats v5 only not v4

Not sure on V4, should be doable in v5 using similar to above.