How to change <Profit Rate> to <Profit>,easy to see how much to earn

hi guys, anyone can teach me how to change the “Profit Rate” to “Profit” in warehouse, i want easy to see how much i earn, the profit rate is not convince to see for me.Thanks a lot.

You can’t. That is not meant to be profit you should use reports for that and consider how you want to calculate it.

I clear all theTransaction First.

Then i , going warehouse to buy some product,choose 10 unit,but now the price still 0 and total also 0.

After i buy

now i will going to sale this product for 5 unit.

After i done this, i going to warehouse

Cost is empty and Profit Rate also empty.

So,sine from i purchase to after done the trade, the inventory part can not show me the correct information,like cost profit rate…etc.

You must enter a purchase price that you paid for item in your inventory purchase.cost is zero because you paid zero. Profit rate won’t calculate unless you have a cost.

So please enter a purchase price and try again. I think profit rate is bad term it should be initial margin. Or Margin Rate @emre

Last time,when I enter purchase quantity,then will automatically calculate the price and total for me,I don’t know why can not now.for the product default cost I already put in the inventory item.

When making Purchase Transactions, the Transaction Unit is used. You have it set to a price of zero (0). This is why when you made the transaction, it did not put the price in for you.

If you do not want to buy using the Transaction Unit, then you need to delete it by clearing the box, and set the multiplier to zero. Then it will use Base Unit for purchases, and it will use the Base Cost.

P.S. it is not good practice to have your Base and Transaction Unit named the same.