How to change "Quick Cash" amount?

How to change “Quick Cash” when settling the bill ? (highlighted as red on below )

I want to change 1,5,10,20,50,100 into 10.000,20.000,50.000, and 100.000.

Am pretty sure these are hard coded.
What are you wanting to do exactly? Just add the three decimal places?

I might be thinking of something else but i think you can set the value of those buttons from one of the top options when in the manage menu. I cant remember which option, local settings, display, somewhere around there im sure theres an option for payment screen and a box the enter the comma separated values you want to show as buttons

Like i said i may be thinking of something else but it could be this

Nice, is a new one one me if that’s the case :smile:

Could not find it in “Settings”, “Products”, or “Tickets” :frowning:.

Ping @emre.

@Prodigy Easy follow the screen shot Program settings,payment screen settings


Thanks works great!