How to change the caption or select a field to display in the ticket/order portion of the screen?

As title said, how to change the caption or field to display where I have it circled?

The text shown in the circle is what I wish to do but currently, I am defining the “Product Name” with English values and use the custom Tag “Chinese Name” with Chinese values and use the method of Product Tag with the receipt printing templates. So, currently, I can print the Chinese Name in a second with the printer but the screen will display only in English.

To my business, it is important to have both languages together as we have workers from MANY different countries. :slight_smile: So I am trying to make all prints.display as multilingual as possible. Thanks in advance.

You would need to look at order state formatting.

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Thanks for the direction, looks like I found a post that deals with this and that Emre has the support in Nov.

Editing States(submitted)
Display Format <—apply tags to be displayed in the field

Will try it later to make it’s the solution.

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I tried to follow the syntax of emre in another thread but still not working right.

After trying his “exact” method, I modify it into this but still not working

Did I missed something?

it would only need one pair of { curly brackets } try ITEM TAG also…

I tried both single { and switch the identifier to ITEM TAG as well but still no luck

See the other topic. It requires 2 sets of braces, and it only works in .61 which is in Beta.


Arrr, missed that one, cheers was just thinking I have a setup which would be useful for this.

Thats probably your issue @WingoLED

Is there an option to DL the beta?

You have to be invited/added to the beta group to see the beta forum section…

Is this on a live system? Its usually not recommended to run beta version on live environment unless experienced samba user.

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It is not a live system…yet. I will deploy it in a month.
I am trying to setup everything in one of my laptop first. Then I will export the data to the live system. I am thinking to run a stable(or at least usable) version on the live and continue to explore the beta or RnD version in my laptop.