How to change ticket date format

my ticket date is printing in mm/dd/yyyy i want to change to dd/mm/yyyy

if i need to use printer template tag can you guide how to do it

[=FD(ADD(’{TICKET DATE}’,1),‘dd/MM/yyyy’)]

but it say it Adds 1 day to date value and prints with dd/mm/yyyy format. so it will be enterd like this
Date:[=FD(ADD(’{TICKET DATE}’,1),‘dd/MM/yyyy’)]

Correct - just remove the ADD function, so it looks like this:

Date: [=FD('{TICKET DATE}'),'dd/MM/yyyy')]

Or change the Date formats in your Windows Regional Settings

That is my preference as well. But come to think of it, if we used the FD function in printer templates on all installations, we wouldn’t have to worry about how Windows is set! :wink:

Hmm… maybe this could even be in Management > Settings, in order to set a default date format for the SambaPOS installation!

@QMcKay, not a bad idea as dates are used throughout SambaPOS, but a pain to code.
Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Set it in Windows and then all programs use the correct date format.

but you see in my windows the settings are

and in samba it is showing as this:

so i think i have the option to use printer template tag for date?

What Character Set are you using for your printers?
Do you have Override Windows Regional Settings ticked in Local Settings?

i am using 437 character set and yes override windows regional setting is ticked

Untick override. That’s why it is ignoring your Windows Regional Settings.

yes it change the ticket format thanks… on small issues have to ask for help!!!
i think there should be a user manual atleast it will save your time and help us have better concepts