How to check if a specific order tag is present in the ticket



I am looking to check if there’s a specific order tag present inside the entire ticket orders.

For example. If the Order Tag “Display” of one of the orders is “Starter” then I would tag the ticket as a “Course Meal”.

  • Below is the only way I found to do this:


The problem with this is that if the user removes the last line that has the “Starter” tag it would be useless as the Ticket tag won’t change back to being a No-Course Meal.
It would be best to check this if the ticket has this order tag somewhere and if it does then it should change the Ticket Tag accordingly.

In this case, if there are no starters the mains would be displayed on the Kitchen Display Ticket Lister right away.

  • This is what I do when an order is added and the ticket tag is Course Meal:

So I guess I should also check if it’s a Course Meal Before Ticket Close as well.


Might be good to look at some reporting expressions.