How to choose two sandwich fillings out of the choice of 5, please help!

Hi there, so i have an afternoon tea product, There are five types of sandwiches to choose from and you get in the afternoon tea deal the choice of two, for the life of me i can not seem to digure out how to set up the product to allow this to happen, i have researched and poked around every where in samba to find a function for this and just cant do it, please if anyone could help that would be great, thanks !

Use of Order tags is one way of doing this. Do you have a choice for tea’s also? If so, you could potentially make a new product, name it something like “Tea Special”, then assign two order tags groups, one for tea and one the sandwiches, fill the order tags with the teas and sandwiches that apply the discount.

So then if your special is like $8 tea and sandwich, you could make your tea’s as a $3 and sandwiches at $5 to make a total of $8. That’s the picture I’m getting from reading what you want to do.

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And set a max option on the tag for fillings to 2.
Minimum I guess would be 1.
You will want to tick autoselect on the menu item for this product to force tag selection at point of adding order.

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Thank you guys, i really appreciate you giving me help in areas that are basics, my learning curve has been shortened a lot, thanks!